Final Year OSCE Course

Complete OSCE 4 Finals

Medicine, Surgery, Psychiatry

Over 150 cases of examination skills, history taking and high yield presentations

"Really excellent course, (this was) the best revision course I've been on"

James, Year 5, University College London

Osler’s Room, are happy to announce the eagerly awaited 'Complete OSCE 4 Finals'. Osler's Room are best known and most regarded for our high intensity, rapid revision OSCE courses. Learn how to differentiate yourselves from other candidates, during your finals preparation.

On Day 1 (23/11/19) we will run 'Complete OSCE: Core Medicine' where students will be taught important OSCE skills and techniques on final year core medical (cardiology, respiratory, gastroenterology) and all OSCE relevant surgical topics.

On Day 2 (24/11/19) we will run 'Complete OSCE: Specialty Medicine' where students will be taught high yield OSCE skills and techniques required for final year specialty medical topics (neurology, endocrinology, rheumatology, renal), and psychiatry.

1 month pre-course you will be provided with pre-course preparatory tasks

1 month post-course you will have access to online Q+A with tutors (answered every 3 days)

We will take you through over 150 high yield OSCE scenarios and diagnoses covering essential OSCE skills (history, examination, communication), as well as advanced OSCE skills (presenting and viva preparation). Particular focus is spent on student and examiner psychology, heuristics and the psychological games we play in OSCE scenarios, how to master these and maximise outcome in the limited time available. All content will be specifically exam focused.

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Key learning

This course will help you:
  • Get to a diagnosis quickly.
  • Rule out differential diagnoses quickly.
  • Form an effective individual management plan for each scenario.
  • Understand what examiners are looking for specifically in each station.

We will additionally focus on:
  • How to ensure you pass even when the station is going badly.
  • How to convince the examiner (and patient) to score you highly.
  • Differentiating yourself from other candidates.
  • Understanding the pathology in front of you.

You will learn about:
  • Student and examiner psychology
  • Heuristics and how to avoid negative bias
  • How and why they did better than me, when we revised the same!

Tutors (click for profile): Dr Deeban Ratneswaran BSc (Hons) MBBS MRCP (UK) AMInstLM

Spaces: 150 only (upgrade to 200 based on demand)

Cost: £22.50/day. This includes: Pre-course Q+A via facebook page, emailed pre-course preparatory notes/ tasks, post course circular of selected slides, 1 month of continued tutor support through online Q+A platform. Only 2 day tickets currently available.

Places remaining and course updates available via the facebook event.

We at Osler’s Room value the importance of a continued student-mentor relationship. DO NOT purchase this ticket if: 1) You will not contribute to the Osler's Room community - we are able to provide 'must-know' learning based on the examination questions and OSCE stations that 'representatives' from each university provide us 2) You will not optimise your conditions before the course e.g. good nights sleep - we cover a lot of material which requires intense focus. These learning points are also essential for future courses 3) We cannot collaborate with you - if you hold intrinsic relationships to similar start-ups/ businesses, please let us know before booking 4) You are not ethical - we have strict 'in lecture' rules e.g. no photos to sustain our unique teaching/ business ***We remain loyal to OUR students; prioritising YOUR future course bookings, and offering teaching and research opportunities - join the Osler's Room community below***

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Venue information

Venue: Lectue theatre: MAL B34
Birkbeck University of London, Malet St, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7HX
Nearest station: Russell square
Date: 23rd and 24th November 2019
Time: 8.20am to 5pm both days

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