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Complete OSCE 4 Finals: Over 150 cases of examination skills, history taking and high yield presentations

“One of the best lectures I’ve ever had – excellent speaker”

Year 5 medical student

"Really excellent course, (this was) the best revision course I've been on"

James, Year 5, University College London

"By far one of the best value for money courses out there."

Mahesh Pillai, Year 6, University College London

Very engaging presenter - made me stay awake!

Year 5, King's College London

"Undoubtedly the best trainee we have ever had."

(Consultant physician, London)

I really liked the way he showed us how to get to a differential quickly and how to present them in a confident manner. If we were taught this from the start rather than learning to list peripheral stigmata we would have less trouble in OSCEs. I was focused and listening the whole way through and learnt so much. We covered a lot of topics but it didn’t feel like too much. Really useful OSCE specific tips and viva questions too.

Alexandra Cuenod, Final year, University College London

Such a useful course thank you so much for putting it on! (What did you like most?): All the hints and tips about how to make an impression on the examiner, examples of how to discuss differentials and management plans in a way that demonstrates that you will be a competent F1 and demonstrates more clearly the extent of your knowledge.

Maneesa Jayawardena, Final year, King's College London

It was very interactive. I learnt a lot about how to become slick in osce stations eg how to present back well, differentials etc. We were taught things that we couldn't necessarily get just from reading textbooks. It was so helpful! Thank you

Rachel, Final year medical student, King's College London

What did you like most about the course? The pacing and going over key conditions. Also the focus on presenting so you give the illusion of being confident! oh and management plans!

Sakira Thangavel, Final year, King's College London

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Feel more confident about approaching the stations and being able to make sense of it. A lot of attention is paid on the 'OSCE' in and around university but nobody really addressed the issue on how piece all the information together and present effectively and efficiently. Osler’s Room did that. Thank you.

Puja Mistry, Final year, Barts and The London

Thorough and comprehensive instruction on the required techniques. Patience in explaining medical concepts and a willingness to repeat material to ensure understanding. Thank you for your time and effort. This course served as an excellent review of the material and primer for my revision studies.

Thomas, Third year, St George's, University of London

"Deeban [Dr Ratneswaran] was super enthusiastic and kept my attention for the whole two days (which is a big challenge!) He was very knowledgeable and managed to simplify all the common exam scenarios through a combination of cases, clear explanations and key points.”

Shruti Jayakumar, Year 5, King's College London

"The course was very interactive and though there were a lot of attendees, there were many opportunities to participate and present cases in front of everyone - honing your skills for the real deal.”

Shruti Jayakumar, Year 5, King's College London

"It was useful to have an experienced clinician go over how to present the important findings as well as reminding us not to waste time regurgitating unnecessary negative findings. In particular the course also helped reinforce how to link findings to the clinical picture and highlighted how even in the presence of minimal signs, we can still have a lot to say. The Dr [Dr Ratneswaran] did a great job keeping the teaching engaging and our spirits high even after 2 days of high intensity recapping."

Mahesh Pillai, Year 6, University College London

Interactive, high spirited, extremely knowledgeable. (Any suggestions for how we could improve?): Nothing! It’s great; thank you!

Complete OSCE October 17, via google docs

Taught things that cannot be gotten from reading the OHCM! Really confidence building, thank you!

Danielle Murray, Final year student, King's College London

"It was by far one of the best learning opportunities I have had so far this year and has made me feel a lot more confident now approaching finals."

Mahesh Pillai, Year 6, University College London

How interactive and relevant it was, and the presenter! No (suggestions to improve), absolutely loved it!

Urwah Ahmed, Final year, University College London

'I thought I knew histories, until today'

Year 5, King's College London

'Highly enthusiastic and knowledgeable'

Year 5 medical student

"The best teaching I've had in years"

Year 5 medical student

Intense and efficient no time wasted

Aryan Maleki, Y3 medical student, Barts and The London

'Priceless! It was very useful, both listening and participating'

Year 5 medical student

Best money spent all year

Year 5, King's College London

"Already a well respected and talented junior doctor, teaching is something he plainly has a natural flare for."

(Consultant Surgeon, KSS)

'Brilliant. Very encouraging, good direction, clearly explained

Year 5 medical student

"Very concise and clear delivery of teaching. Provides detailed but simple and easy to follow explanations of hard to grasp concepts."

Year 5 medical student

'Fantastic; really thoughtful about what we need for KCL. Focused on teaching ourselves. Great confident [and] friendly style'

Year 5 medical student

'Knows his stuff really well. Really thought out teaching sessions. Really useful for approaching final year OSCE's, [taking] a new perspective on history taking'

Year 5 medical student

'Feels like the real thing - stress levels up'

Year 5 medical student

'Most useful thing [final year teaching] we've had'

Year 5, King's College London

'Very passionate in teaching, shows genuine interest in helping students'

Year 5 medical student

'Focused learning. Confidence boost'

Year 5 medical student

'Helped highlight my strengths and weakness'

Year 5 medical student

'Great knowledge and tips for saving time'

Year 5 medical student

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