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Medicine 4The Masses: The definitive medical work experience and application boost

Phenomenal insight into the life of a doctor that I had never thought about before

I am feeling really inspired to just learn more about developing myself into a more effective person

Loved the enthusiasm of the tutors. Really seemed like a world class team!

The scenarios were a great aspect of the day as they really allowed to understand the process doctors go through with patients and how teamwork and communication is essential. Great programme.

Sunas Batool - 2018 attendee

I understand in much more detail of the role of a doctor and the aspects to consider. Appreciated the first hand experience and knowledge of the speakers today

Feel much more prepared to apply to medicine. This course answered questions for me that I was not even aware myself that I wanted the answers to. As well as gaining new experience, it showed me how I could develop and expand on the previous work experience that I have done. What I liked most, was that while they talked about the hardships of applying for medicine, they also talked about how to overcome these hardships.

This was probably the best medicine related workshop that I have been through thus far

I loved the informal nature and the engagment throughout the day. Very engaging and different course to others I've been on. Really enjoyed it, thank you.

I feel like I have a more comprehensive view of how best to apply for medicine and a better understanding of the work involved in becoming a doctor. The course has helped to clarify ideas and misconceptions, and I feel more prepared for my application for medicine

I have been given a lot of information to include in my personal statement, as well as a look into what being a medical student is like. Doing the different simulation and scenarios showed what you would really be doing as a doctor. I thought that everyone was nice and I learned a lot today about applying and what life as a doctor is like.

The research project as well as other topics such as work experience were really helpful. The course was really focused and was able to hit on key points and information

I enjoyed the entire course immensely and feel that the information was very relevant. Better than I expected! Can't think of anything to improve on

One thing I did not expect to see is the huge workload, once you are in university and a junior doctor. The various trials and tribulations from Dr Deeban Ratneswaran gripped me and made me question whether life as a junior doctor is for me. A doctor has to work very hard, but I was more than motivated by the opportunity to do good. And I realised, I want that: I want to be that. I want to be not only an amazing doctor, but an amazing person, like him.

I feel that I have received a lot of useful advice for each aspect of the application for medicine, from interview techniques to how to improve my personal statement.

Maureen - 2018 course attendee

Helped build my confidence

Loved all of it. The key points and structures were really handy

VERY helpful, interesting and funny! Intriguing ethical scenarios during the walk throughs which are useful for interviews. Loved the doctor patient communication insight!

Yes, I feel that I know what to talk about in my interview and I am less likely to be out of words. It has helped me to structure my essay and what I need to focus on when I’m at an interview or if I’m writing my personal statement.

Simran Thapa – 2018 attendee

It was very insightful and it was good for someone who has gone through the process and been on both ends to tell me where my focus should be and what needs to be done.

I have gained valuble information about the field of medicine and what doctors actually do which I think will facilitate well in my application

I liked the clinical senarios the most as it was nice to work with the doctors to find a suitable solution about what is wrong with the patient coupled with an action plan

I really enjoyed the course, it was really interesting

Amazing course. Thank you so much.

Found it very useful. I liked the addition of the performance coaching and high achiever sections.

The programme allowed me to gain a better insight on the points I can make and the things I should avoid when applying for medicine.

I liked the simulation of clinical cases and the opportunity to submit personal statements for review following the course

I have more experience to include in personal statement/interview and also that I have a clearer idea of how to put my answers and dedication to medicine across.

I found the acute and chronic clinical scenarios the most enjoyable part of the course but also found the interview section incredibly helpful as well.

I feel that I can speak about the experience and knowledge that I have gained from this event, such as making diagnoses, as well as applying this to my personal statement.

Maureen - 2018 course attendee

Really informative and interactive, definitely helped with my personal statement a lot, very thought provoking

I feel much more prepared about applying to medicine

I found the interview section extremely useful and will reflect on it in my personal statement and interview.

In terms of personal statement structure and content, as well as with answering some specific interview questions I feel a lot more prepared for my medical application.

It was structured quite well and remained to the point, also great attempt to cover a large range of topics

I learnt more about the challenges doctors face and the different roles there are

I really do feel way more prepared now on how to start a personal statement and what to put on my personal statrment and other tips and advices overall really helped alot. I feel more confident now.

I now have more experience than I did before, this session has cleared any doubts I had about how to write a personal statement and how to prepare for interviews.

I loved the simulation session about what medication or how would you help a patient with this condition, loved all the course.

I liked the most that it was taught by doctors so realistic opinions were given

Meenashe Suresh - 2018 course attendee

I have learnt a lot about writing personal statements and have an even better idea as to what it is to be a doctor.

I especially enjoyed the simulations of the difference situations a doctor may experience.

I now know what to include to make my personal statement more impactful. I enjoyed the scenarios which doctors face and how to deal with them

The amount of new information that was given by everyone, the interactive sessions and the way all the staff were enthusiastic to help

I feel alot more prepared to apply into medical school and how to actually write my personal statement effectively and what medical school consists of.

It has given me alot more to talk about in interviews and a better understanding of what they’d be like and how to handle them. It has also given me more understanding as to what exactly is looked for in a personal statement

Eveything was very useful but I liked the real life scenarios where the diagnosis was done alongside a doctor so we could see the process. Personal statement and interview section as well

I am more confident on how I should structure and what I need to include in my personal statement. Every element of the course was so detailed and informative.

The talk through simulations, the personal statement workshop and the overall way concepts were broken down in a clear, logical manner. Thank you very much for the experience.

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