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Essential OSCE: A comprehensive breakdown of year 3 clinical skills and technique

The enthusiasm and energy from deeban really kept me engaged; I thought all of the resources were excellent and the course content was explained thoroughly and in a way that was easy to understand. I really enjoyed this course and I am very glad that I came - I think its been really useful and I'm feeling much more confident for my OSCEs now than I had been before.

Lauren, third year, KCL - EO 2018

This course has been a fantastic and thorough overview of high yield topics in third year. Deeban has put great thought in to making things accessible and helping us understand what examiners are expecting in OSCEs. Just to say thank you so very much for all the time, effort and energy that Deeban and everyone involved have put in to making this course the fantastic and useful experience it was for all of us third year medical students :)

Sophia Cotterell, T Yr, SGUL - EO 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed this weekend. What I found most useful was the level at which it was pitched; Dr Ratneswaran gave us enough detail to excel in the OSCE whilst not overloading us with information. I also felt that this OSCE weekend complemented Essential medicine very well and I will be sure to come back for 4th and final year revision weekends, overall an excellent course! I have been very impressed with your oratory skills Deeban and the handouts* made were very useful, great work.

Amal Boulbadaoui, year 3, KCL - EO 2018
*Note from organisers - the above referenced handout was the combined work of: Dr Culadeeban Ratneswaran, Dr Maiyuran Ratneswaran, Dr Kevin Dodd, Dr Murtaza Khadum, Dr Taimur Shafi, Dr Puja Mistry, Ahmad Guni BSc, Sachan Maruthan BSc.

THE WHOLE COURSE WAS SO GOOD! Going through cases and discussing them really helped consolidate my knowledge!

Priyal Taribagil UCL - Year 4, EO 2018

I loved how you didnt throw too much info at us but just made sure that we understood what you did teach us wiyh interactive examples. Your tone and style of presenting is extremely enganging and this is the only lecture in three years that ive stayed awake for! I also liked the use of double screen, how you went through all the answers on the screen and was funny!! I also liked the snacks, breaks and free stationary! I actually forgot a notepad. Location is amazing too! Amazing at presenting, really engaging, thorough and efficient at imparting knowledge and ensuring we understood before we moved on. Extremely inspiring as an individual!!

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I loved they ways to remember things and clarity on conditions and how to get diagnosis quickly during the history

Maya Vio, year 3, St Georges University - EO 2018

Deeban is super enthusiastic and knowledgable. This course was so helpful! I've learnt so much!

Katherine, 3rd Year, King's College London - EO 2018

Very interactive, went through a lot of cases and examples. We had a chance to present back to either the person sitting next to us or to other people in the class. Also I’m a phyisician associate and this is helpful for our course and our matrix. I’ve travelled from leeds to come to the course because I heard how good it was from a friend, perhaps you could advertise to universities up north or advertise to PAs across the universities because it is definitely beneficial for our National Exam that we have to sit in September and our university exams. Brillant course! really enjoyed today, thank you!

Andrea, University of Leeds - EO 2018

The clinical signs we are most likely to encounter were explained in an extremely well organised manner. There's so many conditions that we can read about in the books, making the year somewhat overwhelming, so it was great to see the commonly tested ones laid out. Deeban was an amazing teacher and was able to keep the group engaged and enthusiastic. Deeban did a great job of mixing basic practical steps with more complex pathophysiology that we will be expected to know. I feel much more prepared to pass (no... conquor!) my exams after this course. Thank you!

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I thought it was clearly structured and points were explained throughly. The handouts are also helpful and going through typical histories was really good as it was very interactive. I thought Deeban was a very good lecturer and teacher, his enthusiasm was infectious and made me want to learn.

Marie Tarawallie, 3rd year, King's College London - EO 2018

Deeban was so enthusiastic on the stage and it was so nice to see and really helped to keep us enagaged. The course is full of information and is over two really long days, but me and everyone around me still managed to concentrate throughout the whole thing! I would honestly recommend it to anyone who asks and am so glad I came! Please carry on doing it for the next 2/3 years, so me and my friends can come to the ones for 4th and 5th year!

Marwah Sali, Kings College London, Year 3 MBBS - EO 2018

Really concise and perfect level of information. Delivered really well, at the right level and pace. Very engaging thank you.

Essential OSCE course attendee 2018

Really great cases and I enjoyed coming up with differential diagnoses. Really great and enthusiastically presented! Lots of passion and a genuine committment to helping us succeed.

Sameera Tanna, MBBS3 KCL - EO 2018

- friendly, encouraging, interactive environment to learning - high yield content - tailored towards exams

Sharon Zheng, P year, SGUL - EO 2018

Comprehensive and very engaging. Tips and tricks to make osce/medical life easier.

Nicole Perl, Year 3, GKT - EO 2018

Provides a lot of useful pointers as to what to watch out for as well as strategies.

Laurence Wells 2018 SGUL - EO 2018

Deeban's way of delivering content is pretty good. Loved the questions we could answer.

Laura Tincknell, 3rd year, King's College London - EO 2018

Really good content covered a lot of knowledge. Deeban is literally life goals.Thank you, thank you, thank you. I've learnt so much and I hope to be half the doctor you are.

Megan Szekely, Year 3, KCL - EO 2018

Deeban is a really good and positive teacher. Very good.

Claire Gentles, 3rd year, King's College London - EO 2018

Deeban's way of delivering content is pretty good. Loved the questions we could answer.

Daniyal Ahsan, Year 3 KCL - EO 2018

It helped me hone in on specific stations for osces and highlighted specific topics

Rav Dharni, 3rd year, KCL - EO 2018

I liked the most knowing what to focus on during my osces and being given a structure.

Ellie Ijete, 3rd year at Kings College London - EO 2018

The enthusiasm of deeban, you can tell he really cares! also kept directed to our level rather than going overboard or underboard as most courses do.

Rupinder Grewal, year 3, KCL - EO 2018

The cases were very useful. Talking though why you would choose certain investigations and the justifications for the diferentials.

S.J. 3rd year medical student at St. George's University - EO 2018

Very knowledgeable and understands the level of expertise we need at this stage and what would be useful in the future.

Ashish Ladva, 3rd year, King's - EO 2018

Very engaging and interesting, gave really good tips and information for OSCE. Great event, very informative, and interesting. SO USEFUL FOR OSCES!! Everything was amazing! Thank you so much! You're a fabulous teacher!

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Very good teaching and student engagement. Very charismatic and supportive with all students. Covers required teaching material and pushes the barriers of higher knowledge on things that would make us stand out in the OSCEs. One of the best teaching experiences.

Course attendee - EO 2018

Very engaging teacher and could tell he is very passionate. Knew his knowledge very well and without a script too!

Course attendee - EO 2018

The enthusiasm from the host. Very engaging. Love the questions/SBA layout. Realistic to exams. Covering both theory and OSCE.

Course attendee - EO 2018

The second day of essential osce was excellent (neuro, ophthalmology)! Great teaching skills, enthusiastic and engaging.

Course attendee - EO 2018

It's very helpful being taken through the steps. Having someone teach us who is so easy to build rapport with is very helpful for all students. Thank you for two very interesting courses, it was good to have learning from someone who is actually interested in the topic and engaging.

Course attendee - EO 2018

Deeban was a very enthusiastic tutor. He provided a good structure for examinations but particularly for history. He gave good mneumonics and visual aids. Good thorough explanations of tricky concepts e.g. cranial nerve palsies. Responded well to feedback given on day 1 and good use of the live MCQ questions for audience participation. Good at keeping student engaged.

Course attendee - EO 2018

Key points for exams well emphasised. Very useful analogies for remembering key facts. Very useful techniques used to aid memory. The teaching on how to get to a diagnosis was very helpful. The teaching on how to present back to the examiner and the use of participation of students was very useful.

Course attendee - EO 2018

Structured way to take history, presenting practice, eye photos were good too. Thanks for your enthusiasm and support. Makes me feel more confident in what i know and improve what I dont. With 2 weeks to OSCE thats a relief!

Course attendee - EO 2018

What I like most about EO is that it's really holistic, you respond to feedback ASAP e.g. sorting out the air con and you genuinely care that everybody is comfortable and therefore able to absorb as much info as possible. EO has re-structured my approach to history taking and I feel much more competent in doing this after taking this course.

Course attendee - EO 2018

The speaker was very engaging and simplified concepts for us to make them easier to remember for our exams.

Essential OSCE course attendee - EO 2018

I like that everything was broken down and explained in simple terms. I like the relaxed learning environment. More ferror roches please!

Course attendee - EO 2018

Theres always been a different approach for exams and real clinical scenarios and this is the first time its been merged together nicely. Very well taught.

Essential OSCE course attendee - EO 2018

[I liked] how comprehensive this was without any useless teaching

Essential OSCE course attendee 2018

Good pace,good consolidation of information. Explained well (5/5 - excellent).

Essential OSCE course attendee 2018

Great at breaking down the osce into manageable chunks. I now feel much more confident about taking my osce.

Year 3, St Georges University - EO 2018

Makes it simple and gives time for practise and demonstrations. High yield, engaging speaker and a reasonable price compared to some courses (5/5 - excellent).

Year 3, King's College London - EO 2018

I liked the whole course, namely the algorithmic approach.

Essential OSCE, course attendee 2018

Enthusiastic teacher, I like when we go through cases.

Essential OSCE course attendee 2018

A lot of information, but presented in a clear, simple way.

Medical student - EO 2018

Really enthusiastic teaching! and good key points covered (5/5 - excellent)

Essential OSCE course attendee 2018

Pointing out the most important things, what to focus on, how to approach histories, differentials, questions and cases.

Essential OSCE course attendee 2018

It was very interactive. There was a lot of information but it was covered in a very well-explained and organised manner.

Essential OSCE course attendee 2018

Amazing - loved it all.

Essential OSCE course attendee 2018

Essential OSCE - it was really good and the neurology and opthal was most useful.

Essential OSCE course attendee 2018

I liked the fact that we recieved pneumonics and were taught how to come to a diagnosis quickly.

Essential OSCE course attendee 2018

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