Year 3 OSCE

Essential OSCE

All examination cases and OSCE technique

A comprehensive breakdown of all year 3 examination cases, technique and fast-track comms skills

The enthusiasm and energy from deeban really kept me engaged; I thought all of the resources were excellent and the course content was explained thoroughly and in a way that was easy to understand. I really enjoyed this course and I am very glad that I came - I think its been really useful and I'm feeling much more confident for my OSCEs now than I had been before.

Lauren, third year, KCL

Osler's Room, in collaboration with KCL CARS, are happy to announce 'Essential OSCE: A 2-day comprehensive breakdown of all year 3 clincal scenarios and technique'. All Essential Medicine attendees will have discounted booking to encourage continuity.

This is the second of a 3 part pathway to exam success ( part 1 - Essential Medicine). Students will have priority tickets to the regularly fully booked 'Complete OSCE' too. Although focussed on Y3 syllabus, we teach to a high level, meaning year 4 and 5 also benefit. Physician associate, pharmacist, nurse colleagues also attend for medical insight, career or CV development.

  • Course handbook inc. common MCQs
  • Have all of your questions answered by experts with our real-time Q&A software
  • Test yourself against your peers (seeing how others answered) during our incourse live MCQs

Awards and acknowledgements:
All lecturers have full MRCP - to ensure you are taught with a high level of detail and accuracy
National awards in healthcare education - we are accomplished at what we do
International academic awards - we have won specialty awards around the world
Clinical module/ OSCE leaders/ OSCE examiners – prior roles in London universities

Cardiology - history, examinations and all case break down
Respiratory - history, examinations and all case break down
Gastroenterology - history, examinations and all case break down
Neurology - upper limb, lower limb, cranial nerves and most cases; with recommend reading/ patients to find within the next week (and where)
Neurology examination, and cases worry a lot of people. You won’t be worried by the end of the course.
Ophthalmology examination and all case break down
ENT and audiovestibular medicine
Endocrinology - schemas for all endocrinological diagnoses; and, examinations including neck lumps and thyroid
Clinical communication – fast track skills to optimising rapport, and maximising global marks

Key learning:
How you can arrive at an examination diagnosis on inspection, or very early in the process
How to formulate your diagnoses within the first 2 minutes of your history taking
Key differentiating factors between diagnoses, to ensure your diagnosis is correct
Examiner perspectives on all stations
Psychological techniques to maximise your marks
Making sure your confidence is at the right level to ensure optimal performance
What you should do to focus your remaining practice time

What's the Difference between 'Essential Medicine' and 'Essential OSCE':
Essential Medicine will cover high yield theory and OSCE knowledge based on your exam papers; covering key technique and scenarios. Essential OSCE will comprehensively break down all OSCE scenarios only, and top-to-toe exam technique at a crucial point in your revision. Please attend both events, to benefit the most, as content will not be repeated.

Board/ organising committee: KCL Clinical Academic and Research Society
Course tutors (click for profile): Dr Deeban Ratneswaran BSc (Hons) MBBS MRCP (UK) AMInstLM
Senior collaborators: Sucharitha Chadalavada BSc (Hons) MBBS MRCP (UK) PGCE (MedEd) - cardiology registrar, London; Allifia Abbas MBBS BSc (1st class Hons) MRCP (UK) - renal SpR, London; London; Ravindran Visagan BSc(Hons) MRCS(Eng) PGCert(ClinEd) FHEA - Neurosurgery Speciality Registrar (StR), London;
University representatives: Contact your university representative to help make this course as specific to you as possible.


Ahmad Guni
Y5 medical student


Puja Mistry


Karran Chadda
Y4 medical student


Mai Ratneswaran
ED clinical fellow


Kevin Dodd
ED clinical fellow


Juliyan Shan
Y5 medic (Poland)


Position available
Apply by emailing:

Spaces: 150 or 200
Places remaining and course updates available via the facebook event.

£35 for 2 days(if you purchased Essential Medicine first [discount code on ticket]; otherwise £45)
If you purchased with £10 off for holding an Essential Medicine (EM) ticket, but subsequently withdraw your EM booking, this discount will no longer apply.

We at Osler’s Room value the importance of a continued student-mentor relationship. DO NOT purchase this ticket if: 1) You will not contribute to the Osler's Room community - we are able to provide 'must-know' learning based on the examination questions and OSCE stations that 'representatives' from each university provide us 2) You will not optimise your conditions before the course e.g. good nights sleep - we cover a lot of material which requires intense focus. These learning points are also essential for future courses 3) We cannot collaborate with you - if you hold intrinsic relationships to similar start-ups/ businesses, please let us know before booking 4) You are not ethical - we have strict 'in lecture' rules e.g. no photos to sustain our unique teaching/ business ***We remain loyal to OUR students; prioritising YOUR future course bookings, and offering teaching and research opportunities - join the Osler's Room community below***

Book your place here (2-days):

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*Your Essential Medicine ticket will provide you with a £10 off discount code for this course.

Venue information
Venue: Lectue theatre: MAL B34
Birkbeck University of London, Malet St, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7HX
Nearest station: Russell square
Date: January to March 2020
08:30 to 17:00

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