Medicine work experience, unlimited personal statement reviews and application support

Medicine 4The Masses

The definitive medical work experience and application boost

An extensive amount of discussion points to optimise your interview perfomance at this key stage of preparation

Phenomenal insight into the life of a doctor that I had never thought about before

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Key course summary

  • Unique points to discuss in your interview
  • Work experience in a lecture based format (equivalent number of points to a 2-week hospital placement)
  • Access to unlimited personal statement reviews
  • Opportunities to involve in medical research and help organise international medical conferences
  • Free attendance at "how to form a medical diagnosis" conferences (usually £45)
  • Lectures by medical school interview panel - what they want
  • International performance coaches, elite performers and academics - enhance your grades and interview performance
  • Not another "how to" course, but pragmatic and directly applicable experience
  • Fully peer-reviewed and evidence based course material
Student suitability
  • This course is suitable for students with a strong interest in applying to medicine, whether at university or in school
  • Due to the intensity and level of detail in this course we would not recommed attending if you only have a vague interest in a future medical application

11 reasons to book
The definitive medical school application booster. This is NOT another “how to get into medicine”, “how to answer questions” or “how to write a personal statement” course which you can learn from focussed searches (which we will teach you). Our focus is ENTIRELY on creating EXPERIENCES that you can WRITE about, and TALK about, which other students might spend years accumulating.

1) The only fully evidence based medical preparation course. We have assembled an exceptional team of computer programmers, doctors and entrepreneurs. After the first evidence based course two years ago, we have now up scaled on this information packed course, whilst still maintaining low costs [1]. Successful medical school application is biased towards the richer who can afford to attend expensive preparation courses, with an often flawed application process [2]. ‘Medicine 4 the Masses’ ensures ALL students can obtain the ALL of the skills and experience they need to create a successful medical application.

2) Focused work experience, with extensive unique talking points. Work experience is one of the most important parts of the medical school application. It is also the hardest part to obtain. Our unique material, provides work experience in a lecture based format, walking you (1st person) through a day in the life of a doctor in different specialities. You will be provided with an extensive amount of unique points to elaborate on in both personal statements and within the interview. EXPERIENCE. While other courses charge up to £2700 for medical work experience and expensive trips abroad, these are NOT necessary to your application when your application is FOCUSED.

3) Unlimited personal statement reviews and advice from doctors around the world. We have developed state-of-the-art technology and mobile applications which will match students to doctors across the country and around the world to review and edit your personal statement and optimise your chance of being offered an interview! Better still, this service is on your terms, your time, and your price, eliminating sociodemographic factors to success. With our exclusive course code you will get first dibs on the reviewers you want.

4) Interview skills, from an international performance coach, interview panel members, and high achieving doctors. Our course is also unique in its heavy emphasis on student and examiner psychology. Learn how to control the interview, develop presence, charisma and influence the examiners intuition towards a POSITIVE selection. Absolutely BOOST your chances of impressing those interviewing you, while ELIMINATING negative bias based on factors outside of your control. If you don’t have an interview any time soon, start to develop these core skills now!

5) Still not convinced? Medical research, teaching and publishing opportunities to impress your interviewers. As well as demonstrating the ability to withstand the rigorous academia in medical school, undertaking teaching and research are both absolutely engrained into life as a doctor. We will provide research and teaching opportunities for you to sink your teeth into at an early stage. Additionally, learn how to publish articles in medical journals while simulataeneously revising. Easily attainable, but highly impressive skills. Demonstrating skills in this field will ASBOLUTELY put you ahead of the game (even further ahead than some medical students).

Well, how about world class tutors? international academics, performance coaches and elite performers (selected tutors:)

6) Learn what it takes from a high achieving doctor and academic. Dr Deeban Ratneswaran BSc (hons) MBBS MRCP (UK) AMInstLM. Multi-international award winning academic, national awards (healthcare education), multi-university academic awards. Numerous publications in the medical literature, including text book chapters for doctors. He has established international medical education courses for medical students and doctors, and continues to present research internationally and has won international awards in doing so. Understanding the fundamentals of being a successful doctor is core, the commitment involved including the ups and downs! Dr Culadeeban Ratneswaran.

7) Broaden your horizons with a successful medical entrepeneur. Dr Kevin Dodd BSc (hons) MBBS Junior doctor, computer scientist, medical entrepreneur. He made a late move into medicine after full time work as a computer and data scientist with international multinational companies. He has published medical research, presented research internationally and continues to write and code computer programmes to enhance health care. His unique slant provides the opportunity to understand how broad the medical field really is and the options available to students entering this career. Making your application unique is more and more important and Dr Dodd will provide this in buckets.

8) Increase your focus (and grades) with an expert performance coach. Amu Chandra Performance coach Performance coach, speaker and communication Guru who has consulted for start ups, business leaders, athletes and has been featured on television and radio. An experienced international coach, he runs trainings in mindfulness, teaches courses in public speaking and has helped countless individuals across multiple fields and industries achieve excellence. Having worked with many medical professionals, Amu brings special insight into the application of coaching methods for medical students and applicants in raising your game to compete at the top level.

9) Learn how to balance work and life from an elite peformer. Dr Maiyuran Ratnes (BSc hons) MBBS After achieving 11A* (GCSE) and 6A (A-levels; the highest possible at the time) Maiyuran completed medicine in Imperial College London achieving distinction. During this time attaining a blackbelt in Karate and fencing for the UK, becoming the 11 times national champion plus 3 Commonwealth golds. He made history becoming the first british fencer to win 3 national titles in the same year, being awarded sports person of the year. Maiyuran will discuss how he managed to compete at the highest level, whilst also achieving the best possible grades. Intelligence is not even half the story!

And why don't we round that all off with:

10) Alternative routes into medicine. Students often feel that entering into medicine directly after school is the only route into this brilliant career. This is certainly not true. We find it upsetting that students feel over-pressured into a particular route into medicine when the truth is there are many ways to becoming a doctor. There are more rewarding ways, specific to each student, which while preparing you to enter medical school at a moment in time more suited to your own individual personality, also ensure your career progression and accumulation of wealth is not impacted.

11) Alternative career options. Medicine is not the be all and end all. There are many other great careers, and by the end of the day you will know whether medicine is the right option for you. You will explore the ups and downs, emotions, failures, anxiety associated with medicine but also the rewarding opportunities that cannot be matched in other types of career. Knowing at an early stage if medicine the right path for you is more important than ever before, and at the end of this course you will either feel more MOTIVATED than ever before to do medicine, or you will be REINVIGORATED with the knowledge and resources to follow other career paths tailored to you, whether that includes a scientific interest or not.

Sounds awesome! but I'm still not sure if this course is for me...

  • Completed your personal statement and waiting for interviews? This course will give you an abundance of experience to discuss during your interview with specific points to tailor to yourself.
  • Considering applying for medicine in the next year or two? This course will help you definitively decide, as well as teach you how to optimise your grades in a way you never thought you could.
  • Definitely want to do medicine, but need work experience? We will jam pack information and experience that students often spend years accumulating! so you can spend the rest of the time focussing on your exams. The key is focus, not excessive work.
  • Moving from another degree?This course will tailor your current CV to become 100% medicine focused.
  • Need MMI, interview questions, BMAT or UCAT help? Kaplan Test Prep provide comprehensive courses for all of these needs, and they are offering special discounts for Medicine 4 The Masses attendees. You will receive your discount codes on booking Medicine 4 The Masses. Click here for more information (check downloads)


  • Ratneswaran, C et al. (2015), A model for medical school application courses: widening access to student preparation. Med Educ, 49: 1139. doi:10.1111/medu.12853
  • Ratneswaran, C et al. (2016), Personality selection: An argument against the homogenisation of medical students. Med Teach. 2016;38(3):318-9. doi: 10.3109/0142159X.2015.1056126.

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Date: 29th June
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